Moving & Storage Tips

Getting ready for a big move?

Or is it just time to clean out your storage space?

Stor-Alot recommends giving some of these storage unit tips a try during the process:

• When storing furniture, use boards or pallets to keep furniture off floor.

• To save space, use drawers to store smaller items.

• When using boxes, make sure they are full or use newspaper to fill open spaces to prevent collapsing when stacked.

• Never store combustibles, such as paint or chemicals. Perishable food should be permanently sealed.

• Use trash cans to store rakes and shovels.

• Store pots and pans inside larger appliances such as a stove or refrigerator.

• Break down tables of the legs and store on end to save space.

• Drain lawn and garden equipment of gas to prevent corrosion.

• Cover your mattresses and store flat on level surface.

• Treat wood and use protective covers before storing.

• When storing important files, label all boxes and make sure they are easy to be seen and accessible.


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