Fall Decor Storage Tips

Everyone loves decorating for Fall! But if you’ve ever lived in an apartment, you know how difficult it is to find storage space for all of those ghosts, goblins, and pumpkins (OH MY!)

The Stor-Alot experts are at it again with helpful tips to keep you organized during this holiday season.

We promise… It won’t be scary!

  • Designate a Place for Storage – Knowing where you’re going to store your decorations will not only help you finish packing up faster, but also leave you with more time to enjoy that leftover Halloween candy!
  • Color Code Your Storage Bins. Knowing that all of your Halloween decorations are going to be located in the orange and black tubs will make packing and unpacking that much easier for you down the road.
  • Store Similar Decorations Together. Save yourself time in the future by storing all of your costumes in one bin, all of your pumpkins in another, and any other party essentials in the last. Whatever your system may be, just be sure that it is clear and easy to remember.
  • Storage Organization. Remember to rotate your storage bins as each holiday passes! You don’t want to go in reaching for Christmas lights and end up having to dig through all of your Halloween skeletons – Talk about a Nightmare before Christmas!
  • Get Rid of What You Don’t Need. Get rid of what you don’t need and if you still find yourself needing more room, contact Stor-Alot located in Clarksville, TN for all of your public storage needs. We’ll be your ghost and clutter busters!

– The Stor-Alot Experts

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