De-cluttering and Reorganizing for an Easier Road Ahead

With the back-to-school grind in full swing and the holidays quickly approaching, we all know that there’s no time (or room) for clutter in the home.

But sometimes, cleaning out all of the excess “stuff” is not an easy fix for families on the go.

Here, to help you, are some easy tips and tricks from the Stor-Alot experts on how to keep your family moving swiftly along through the end of the year — clean, clear, and clutter-free!

The Organizer’s Check List

  • Your home is not a warehouse. Begin by taking inventory and deciding what you need, what you don’t, and consider utilizing self storage for the rest of your belongings.
  • Give yourself a deadline. Procrastination can get to even the best of us — to avoid this, start by evaluating the task, make a check list, and give yourself an ample amount of time to complete each task.
  • Take breaks between projects. To avoid frustration and negative energy associated with the project, take time to regroup and re-inspire yourself about the project.
  • Begin with small, achievable tasks. If a task seems too overwhelming at first, we tend to shy away from it. Starting off with minor tasks gets the ball rolling and sets us up for long-term success. Take a few items that you know you want to keep and go rent a self storage unit. Purchase boxes to start the process.
  • Don’t start with keepsakes. When trimming all of the excess “fat” from the home, it is easier to begin with invaluable items (i.e. from the garage, old clothes or shoes that don’t fit anymore, or perhaps old electronics that are retired.) Items that hold little to no value are easier to part ways with than those that hold significant value. Give yourself a little more time with keepsake items.
  • Make it fun. Who says de-cluttering and reorganizing has to feel like a chore? Spice it up by playing some of your favorite music or even get the entire family involved and turn it into a game. Establishing a positive experience early on is key to preventing clutter from happening again in the future.
  • Display keepsakes. If something does hold significant value to you, then display it loud and proud! Don’t keep it tucked away in a storage box somewhere.
  • Tidy up during the week. It takes motivation to inspire change at first, but it’s habit that keeps you going, even when life begins to get a little busy.
  • Don’t stress about it!  If there are belongings that hold significant value to you or your family, but lack a purpose in the home, give Stor-Alot of Clarksville, TN a call to rent one of our unitsWe have two convenient locations on Terminal Road and Tiny Town Road — sure to serve all of your storage and organizing needs!

We hope this helps! Happy Cleaning! 

— The Stor-Alot Experts 

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