Christmas Storage Tips

Holiday decorating can be fun and creative but after the holidays comes the time to store all those decorations.

Here are a few helpful hints to make storage easy, hassle-free and better organized for next year.

  • Strands of lights. To keep them tangle-free for next year, wrap the strands around a wire coat hanger or use a strip of cardboard.  Use tissue paper or bubble wrap to cover each strand.  Use masking tape and marker to denote length of strand, color or where there were hung for easy placement next year.
  • Glass ornaments.  Use a box with compartments such as a box used for wine bottles.  You can also make your own compartments by cutting cardboard strips and place in between rows of ornaments in the box.  Individual ornaments should be wrapped with tissue or bubble wrap.


Putting away Holiday Objects


  • Small parts.  Keep extra zip ties, twist ties and extra ornament hangars in one of those small 5 compartment storage cases meant for school supplies.
  • Holiday Linens.  Your holiday tablecloths and runners can be hung on hangers and covered with plastic trash bags or dry cleaners bags.  Your plush throws and pillows can be stored in vacuum storage bags normally used for sweater and blanket storage.
  • Where to store.  Now that everything is safely packed, where do you store your treasures?  Under the bed?  In a closet?  In your already crowded garage?  Check with us at Stor-a-Lot.  We’ll keep your valuables safe, clean and dry until next year.
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